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Luget Doré

Sublimate your interior with this paving in natural limestone. Resistant and easy to maintain, Luget Doré paving is perfectly suited to medium and large surfaces. Its warm shades will stylishly and elegantly dress the floors of your home, whether new or renovated. Luget Doré natural stone paving is available in different widths and finishes for...

La pierre de Luget

Luget clair

A sober chic paving Luget Clair is a safe bet that will meet all your expectations. Light beige in color, it has very pretty and subtle nuances. This pure paving brings elegance to your property. Ideal for indoor or outdoor installation, the Luget Clair will bring a touch of warm light to any country house...

Luget Antique Finish

The aged finish of this paving is appealing and will bring the charm of an old paving to your floor. Its color will provide clarity to your living space. It well suited to all types of decoration and environment: classic or contemporary style, living room, kitchen, bathroom… These tiles offer light shades of beige.

Limeyrat brushed finish

Limeyrat stone is a natural French rock It is located in the department of Dordogne. This sedimentary stone was formed millions of years ago from several layers of sand, gravel, and limestone, which solidified to create a massive and sturdy rock. The Limeyrat stone is known for its resistance, durability, and natural beauty, making it...

Limeyrat patina finish

Very trendy, this paving will bring character to your home. Its finish gives it an aged appearance that will offer a certain charm in the room where it will be placed. You will have the impression that your floor has always been present, as if it had naturally weathered over the centuries. It will blend...

Limeyrat Antique finish

If you want an “old style” floor, with pretty shades of color we will recommand to choose this paving and create in your home a typical atmosphere loaded in history . Your floor will be highlighted thanks to the small irregularities on the edges of the stone and the aged finish. Its color mix will...


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