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Les Pierres du Périgord

The company "Les Pierres du Périgord," formerly known as "Les Carrières de Bontemps," was born from the partnership between Carrière de Luget, an expert in stone paving, and Carrières de Thiviers, an expert in aggregate extraction.

2561 Route des Carrières 24210 LIMEYRAT
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The goal of "Les Pierres du Périgord" is to extract blocks of noble stones in order to shape them into high-quality paving stones.

The stone of Périgord

To reach these blocks, it is necessary to first extract the initial rocks which will be crushed to become aggregates. The extracted stone blocks will then be shaped in our factories in the Dordogne and Charente regions, primarily for paving purposes.

The stone of Limeyrat

The paving is sold 70% in France and 30% abroad, notably in Europe, the United States, and Australia, where the Limeyrat stone is highly sought after and recognized.

The company and our Corporate Social Responsibility

Always improving

We are always thinking about ways to improve as a company, and one of the most important aspects is, of course, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Minimizing environmental impact

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a priority for the new management. As such, the cutting tool will be modernized, which will drastically reduce energy consumption and labor intensity.

Thinking about tomorrow

At Carrière de Luget, 80% of plastics have been eliminated, wastewater is reused, polypropylene is replaced by poplar for packaging, and photovoltaic panels are currently being installed. The goal is to replicate this same model at our Limeyrat site.