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Carrière de Luget

About us

Our history

"Carriere de Luget is genuine family story.
My father was a quarryman, he passed on to me his passion for geology, fine materials and earth trades."
Bertrand Iribarren

After a few years of exploring various materials, the story of Luget stone began in 1991.

Four years later, Bertrand, their youngest son, joined the adventure with one goal: to restore the image of French natural stone, so coveted around the world.

Resulting from an ancestral know-how, each of our paving is unique and is manufactured according to the rules of the trade, in the heart of the Charente region.

Carriere de Luget has been renowned as an expert in extraction and ornamental stones crafting for over 30 years. Its natural stones are known for embellishing the floors of properties, terraces, swimming pools, as well as landscapes …

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Our natural stone ressources

Luget quarry, based in Pranzac, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France.

The prefectural order for this quarry was renewed for thirty years in 2019. The extraction area covers 18 hectares. The factory  is located right  besides the quarry.

Limeyrat quarry, based in Dordogne, France.

A new prefectural order autorize us to operate it untill 2045. All the stones extracted from this quarry are transported to the Luget factory to be processed in finished stone products.

"Les Pierres du Perigord", based in Dordogne too.

Since May 2023, we acquired "Les Carrières de la Vienne", a new quarry, based in St Julien l'Ars.

Carriere de Luget is committed

Active member of the National Union of Ornamental Rocks and Construction Industries (SNROC),

Bertrand Iribarren is president of the SNROC of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Member of the National Board of SNROC.

La Carrière de Luget and all the members of the SNROC are proud to support French companies specializing natural stones quarrying and manufacturing.

The action of the SNROC is carried out in all areas covering both the collective and individual interests of the professional branch. Its notoriety and expertise are recognized by all of its partners, whether they are elected officials, businesses, the administration or non profit organizations.

For the environment

Our CSR approach and our reduction of our environmental footprint are issues that are at the heart of our work every day.

- We have removed 80% of our plastics.

- We have always been recycling our wastewater.

- We have halved our electricity consumption.

- We have replaced polypropylene with poplar for our packaging.

- Installation of photovoltaic panels in progress.

We have decided to take an additional step in our environmental commitment. Indeed, in 2022, our dedication was reinforced when we became a sponsor of The Sea Cleaners association, which fights against plastic pollution and for the preservation of the oceans.

From France to foreign countries

We are proud to export more than a third of our production to regular customers accross United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden...

Carrière de Luget, a passion

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Our natural stones are processed in our factory by a passionate and experienced skilled workers to make the  most of the potential of this noble and authentic material.

Do not hesitate to come to contemplate the quarry and visit the factory. You will also be able to meet our team and discover our various products

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