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Limeyrat ocre aspect


Immerse yourself in the warm and refined essence of “Limeyrat Ocre” paving. With its captivating shade of deep ocher, this paving embodies the perfect union between the richness of color and the sophistication of design. Each tile tells a unique story, with subtle variations that add a touch of authenticity to each space where it is installed.

The depth of the ocher color brings a warm and welcoming ambiance to all rooms, creating a haven of tranquility where moments of relaxation become even more precious. Whether you’re designing a stylish residential interior or looking to infuse personality into a commercial space, this tile is your blank canvas to express your unique style.

Each tile is carefully shaped to ensure a smooth, tactile surface while maintaining exceptional durability. Our artisanal finishes provide a subtle patina that evokes the imprint of time, giving a timeless dimension to your environment.

Discover the harmony between nature, color and design with “Limeyrat Ocre” paving. Let yourself be seduced by its warm charm and add a touch of exceptional elegance to every step you take.

Furthermore, this Limeyrat stone paving is available in a selection of sizes, suitable for all architectural styles and space layouts. Whether it is to enrich your living space, beautify your relaxation areas or bring character to your property, this paving embodies the perfect union between practicality and aesthetics.

Luget Doré natural stone paving includes stones of different widths and finishes for a unique and authentic look.