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Dallage Vieux-Médoc


Vieux Médoc Dallage is much more than just a floor covering, it is a true work of art that tells the story of time through its captivating gray shades.

Each slab is the result of a careful selection of stone blocks extracted from an exclusive bench within our quarry. This particular bench has unique characteristics, with hollows naturally present in the stone which offer a unique touch of authenticity to the paving.

Our artisan manufacturing process involves bringing each slab to life, preserving the natural essence of the stone while adding a touch of refinement. After extraction, each slab is subjected to a special finish which enhances its texture and reveals the beauty of the stone. The result gives an old charm, like an imprint of time which develops a harmonious patina over the years, bringing a timeless dimension to your floor.

“Vieux Médoc” paving is an invitation to live in the present while honoring the past, through a unique combination of natural characteristics and thoughtful design.

Photographies by Kersbergen