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Mr. Raymond and Éveline Iribarren founded Carrières IRIBARREN in 1976, then Carrière de Luget® in 1991.
Together, these two family businesses are currently operating 14 quarries and have more than 200 employees.
Owned by Mr. Bertrand Iribarren, Carrière de Luget® operates Luget® as well as Limeyrat quarries. The factory based at Pranzac produces more than 50,000 m2 per year for residential and commercial projects.


With an authorized area of about 40,000 m2, we are able to extract at least 10,000m3 per year and supply largescale projects. This quarry is located in Pranzac (Charente, « Nouvelle Aquitaine »).


Located in Dordogne, we are able to extract 7,000m3 per year to supply residential projects. In 2015 we got an extension of our prefectural order, therefore we are authorized to operate our quarry until at least 2045.
A coordination of operations between aggregates and ornamental stone activities enables us to proficiently optimize the quarry, as well as to be environmentally friendly.

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Carrière de Luget – Sport & Collection “500 Ferrari contre le cancer”

Carrière de Luget s'est associé à Carrière Iribarren pour participer au 25 ème anniversaire Sport & Collection - " 500 Ferrari contre le cancer ".

Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel

Visit us at Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel - Carrousel du Louvre from 2nd november to 5th november. Hall LE NOTRE stand H13.